Barn Haunting in Woodbury, PA

by Dianne
(Woodbury, PA)

I moved to Woodbury 20 years ago when I bought a 200 year old stone house with the intention of restoring it. I'm told that an ironmaster had the house built;I have found reference to an iron ore furnace downstream from me.

I have had 2 experiences surrounding this property. One concerns the barn which dates from the 1850's. Everytime I was in the barn I got the urge to look up at the center beam and I felt as if someone or something was in the barn. I didn't think anything of this until one evening just before dusk I went down to put some tools in the barn. The barn door is one of those big ones that you slide shut. As I was doing so I saw that I had not switched the lights off. I reached in to flip the switch and felt a hand on top of mine. Needless to say I jerked my hand back so fast I whacked it on the barn door. I stood there with my heart pounding. There was no way I was going to finish closing that door so I walked quickly up to the house. I made a point of never going to the barn near or after dusk after that. The story does not end here. Several years after this happened I was told that a man that had lived in the house back in the 1940's or 1950's hung himself from the center beam in the barn at dusk. My heart stopped. I hesitated about telling them of my experience. After that the next time I was in the barn I stood there talking out loud to this man. I assured him that I was going to take care of the house and property and fix it up. I no longer have the feeling that someone is in the barn but I also still don't go down after dusk.

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where is this barn in woodbury pa
by: amanda

that is my home town and I never heared about this barn I would like to go and see this for my self....

The haunted barn in Woodbury, Pa.
by: Joe

Dianne, I grew up in the Woodbury,Pa. area, living about one mile from town. I enjoyed reading about your experiences in the barn. I cannot verify that the barn is haunted, however I can verify that when I was fourteen or fifteen years of age a man did hang himself in the barn . This was in the mid forties. Woodbury is an interesting town, worthy of a historical book, either fiction or nonfiction.strife

Very good story
by: Alyssa Lovemuffins

I really enjoyed that thank you so much for shareing that. Where is your house? Maybe i could drive by it on my way to work haha.

Haunted Barn in Woddbury, PA
by: Patricia

Hello Dianne,

The hairs stood up on the back of my neck when I read about they guy that hung himself on that beam that was creeping you out. It's strange how communicating with spirits that are bothering us seems to soothe them as much as it does us.

It would take guts for me to even go into that barn again and close that door but for sure I wouldn't go there again at dusk.

Thank you so much for sharing your ghostly tale I really enjoyed reading it.


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