Bakers Mansion, a truly Haunted House

by Alyssa Lovemuffins
(Altoona Pennsylvania America)

When I was a little girl around the age of eight me and my dad would go for walks and we would always walk up the hill and past Bakers Mansion. One night when I was on one of our night walks my dad saw one of his friends from work and he went over to talk with him. When he was talking I went to sit on the pourch (the side nearest to the foot ball field). That's when I noticed that the door was open. I walked into the beautiful home. I walked over to the dinning room. I looked all over. It was a very preety home. I started hearing foot steeps then I went to hide in the dumbwaiter. When I was about to sit in it I looked and saw a women dressed in old fashioned clothing. Her eyes got very wide and she just stood there. I ran out of the room and went to hide in another room. I ended up hiding in the upstairs. I hid in the room with the dress. Out of the corner of my eye I swear I saw it move. When I stepped out of the room I looked down the hall and I saw a well dressed man standing there with tears running down his face looking into one of the rooms. I ran down stairs and out of that hotel. I never went back in there again.

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by: Tanya D

Hello Patricia i love donkeys

Hello really made me laugh took me a few minutes to understand what you were talking about an inside joke...I love them too...LOL

not haunted
by: Anonymous

its not haunted i have been there on a tour MILLIONS of times

Haunted Mansion
by: Patricia

Hi Alyssa,

Yeah, no doubt, Baker Mansion is haunted. I've had several testimonies about the many spirits that have been seen. It's such a beautiful mansion and has so much wonderful history, I really enjoy visiting there.

Thank for telling us your ghostly tale it's amazing what we remember from our childhood.


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