Atglen Rental

by Sandra

My husband and I moved into an old country house in Atglen, PA. I had the same nightmare every day during the day. I would fall asleep and someone would touch my hand I thought I would wake up and start to run just to find out that I was still asleep. This went on for months. The person was evil.

Their was something about the bathroom downstairs that used to be a closet that made me feel real uneasy. Then their were crazy things like canisters rearanging. My tennis shoes were on a shelf and one of them was fill with water one morning. The basement door was open one night when I came home. Did not swing heavy old door.

I wonder if the people in their now are experiencing anything. We broke our 1 year lease after six months.

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by: Olivia

Wow. Mabey you should go to a local library to find out some history on the house. There might have been a man who killed someone and kept them in the closet. You never now what you might find. :)

Creepy Tennis Shoe
by: Patricia

Hi Sandra,

Brrr, this ghostly tale creeped me out. Especially when you mentioned your tennis shoe being filled with water. You can usually explain odd things happeneing in an old house but that one would be awfully hard to explain. I'm surprised you lated 6 months!

I never heard of Atglen, PA, is it more of a village?


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