Angry relatives or?

by Lewis
(Baltimore, MD. USA)

In 1993, my former partner and I moved into an apartment that was owned by his family. It had been the place where his grandmother had grown up. There had been stories about his great-grandmother being a very angry woman and would often lock her daughter in closets for punishments.

When we were cleaning the place, getting ready to move in, we always felt that there was someone standing behind us, watching.

After we were there a year, things began to happen. We had begun to hear footsteps and voices. One evening, I was getting my shoes on at the bottom of the stairs when a marble shelf I had anchored into the wall, not only came off the wall, but it had traveled about 2-3 feet and hit me in the leg. Several nights later, we were watching TV when we heard a loud BANG. We had thought someone had broken into the back door. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, we had realized the marble shelf had been picked up, moved out about 2 feet and dropped on the floor.

Over the 2 years we lived there, different things happened. One evening, we heard someone walking down the stairs from the 3rd floor. This was impossible because there was only one way to the 3rd floor... through our living room. Additionally, there was a padlock on the door.

The last thing that happened, which had nudged us further to move... I was home alone one evening watching TV. I had my cat Tigger laying with my on the couch, one of my other cats, Freckles was laying on the loveseat. Suddenly, Freckles woke up, from a dead sleep, looked to the middle of the room. She hissed, her hair stood up and she ran out of the room, running around something in the middle of the room that I could not see. As she ran out, my cat Tigger woke up, looked to the middle of the room. She too hissed, her hair stood up and she too RAN out of the room, running around whatever it was in the room that I could not see. All the hair on the back of my neck stood up, the hair on my arms stood up. I got up and ran down the hallway behind the cats. I remember the room being extremely cold, almost to the point where you could see your breath.

This happened in downtown York, PA. on S. Duke St. Any thoughts?

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Relatives Haunting in PA
by: Patricia

Hi Lewis,

Boy ,it sure sounds to me like you were being haunted by something or someone. It's one thing for us to get these weird feelings that there is a presence near us, we an sometimes blame it on an overactive imagination, but when an animal responds like that it leaves no doubt. I'm glad to hear you moved out of the place. Geez, did you have to leave the state...:)

Thanks for submitting your ghostly tale,


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