The Allentown Fair
Pennsylvania's Oldie but Goodie

A photo of the Allentown Fair midway at night A photo of the sign entering the Allentown Fair A strange photo of a spaceball exhabit at the Allentown Fair

September 1st to September 7th, 2015
Allentown, PA
Phone: 620-433-7541


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The Great Allentown Fair is, without a doubt, one of Pennsylvania festivals with top entertainers, thousands of home and farm exhibits and bigger than ever carnival midway. The 2015 fair will mark its 163rd year, that alone should let anyone thinking of visiting Allentown in September to make the annual fair a must-see event.

Allentown PA is located in Lehigh County and it's the third largest populous city in Pennsylvania, after Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Its historical significance as the location of the Liberty Bell, this is where it was hidden during the American Revolutionary War.

The first fair was held in 1852, even though the famous fairgrounds didn't exists at that time the fair was finally moved to it's present location and held at the Allentown Fairgrounds since 1889.

A sandart exhibit at the Allentown Fair A photo of Native dancers from Hawaii for entertainment at Allentown Fair A photo of conert featuring Flaming Lips at Allentown Fair

Fun and Entertainment for All Ages at
The Great Allentown Fair

The Allentown Fair has always been dedicated to supporting achievement of farmers, gardeners, and homemakers. The fair has always taken pride in educating children as to where their food come from while giving them non-stop entertainment, exhibits, contests, along with games and rides.

You'll find the latest in gadgets being displayed and exhibited at the fair. There's plenty of entertainment for all ages, including thrill shows, concerts, interactive activities and the best food from local restaurants.

You'll spend the day browsing and playing and eating and dancing. You'll love the town and you'll love the fair. It's a Pennsylvania festival event you won't want to miss!

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