Alice in Civil War Land in Gettysburg Orphanage

by 12 year old writer

During the Civil War many men died leaving wives to take care of the children. Usually wives could not support a family so the children became orphans.

One day after a battle they were taking pictures of the poor conditions of how hard this war was on America when one of the photogrophers noticed a dead man holding a picture of three children, two boys and one girl. This picture touched the photogropher emotionally and decided to start having charity events for the children the dead fathers were leaving behind. They stated having charity balls and dances and fun events to help raise money for orphans. Well they wanted to help the three kids in the picture because they were the inspiration for it all. They put it in all the newspapers until a lady from New York called and said it was her children. The charity gave her money to help all of the orphans. So she started this Orphanage in Gettysburg. This woman was not Rosa Carmichael. She also brought her own children, two boys and her daughter named Alice. Alice loved Gettysburg but most of all she loved this one stone wall that she would run across often. Well she grew up and her mom sold the orphanage to Miss Rosa Carmichael (find out more about Rosa Carmichael in Gettysburg Orphanage.) Alice began to grow old and on her 50th birthday she came back to Gettysburg to run over the stone wall for what she thought was the last time. Today people say if you sit by the wall you'll feel Alice rub up against you as she's running across the stone wall.

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by: Hurtina

There are fair shares of tragedies and also goodness that happened post and pre world wars that are known to the people. Well this is one of them and is said to be something that is well known by most of the people in that region too.

Alice in civil war orphanage
by: Anonymous

Alice is Alice Hummiston.the daughter of Amos Hummiston the dead soldier who was found with the picture. He was found in fact by the daughter of a tavern owner who used to be the postman in Gettysburg.
According to Alice the children and their mother never received the money and John burns who published the picture had no right to it and do it.
John burns after philinda hummiston left and before he brought Rosa in was in charge and he treated the children just as bad or even worse then Rosa.
They say that the donations stopped coming to the orphanage when Rosa was arrested for treating the children badly when in fact john bourns was embezzling the money like he stole it from Alice and her mother and brothers.

Alice who??
by: Anonymous

who's Alice when i was there i didn't hear about her??

Inhabitants of the Union Orphanage in 1870
by: drclavel

My g-g-grandmother and her brother were in this orphanage as children. Here is a list of the inhabitants:
Home in 1870: Gettysburg, Adams, Pennsylvania
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: Gettysburg
Name Age
Oliver Sailor 11
Staley Shaw 13
Robert R G H Wise 15
John Wise 12
Mary Robb 11
Albertine Leonard 8
Ida Metz 14
Ruth Metz 12
Emma Sorber 9
Eliza Sorber 10
Eva Brown 11
Sallie Shaw 15
Fannie Robertson 10
Bella Hunter 10
Wm H Wise 8
Bessie Martin 14
Morris Martin 8
Ella Fisby 14
George De Lass 11
Aimee Peters 8
Wm Robinson 12
Ada London 11
Cadmus Metz 10
Charles Dukes 11
Rodgers Roberts 12
Harry Saltz 10
John Saltz 11
George Prisby 11
Ira D Miller 12
Wm D Good 16
Alfred Harris 13
Daniel Harris 11
Frank Benton 12
Jacob Shock 10
Henry De Mick 8
Richard Hutchinson 12
Baldwin Boulton 11
Charles Richter 12
Matilda Richter 11
Emma Richter 8
Emma Loyd 14
Jessie Sherwood 8
Emma De Grass 7
Jennie Archer 7
Angie Hemsing 10
Charles Hemsing 10
Millie Hemsing 6
Jas Albert Laster 10
Elmer Gibson 5
Howard Ridgely 11
Henry Clewell 5
Ellsworth Mitchell 10
Charles Lassey 10
Frank Buckley 16
Daniel Buckley 11
Louisa Buckley 10
Hattie Buckley 15
Emma Morris 10
Ida Morris 8
Lewis B Armstrong 13
Arthur Wood 12
Andrew Wood 11
G W Jeffries 11
Edwin S Burt 13
Emma Clewell 10
Wilson White 10
Mansfield Cleaveland 9
G W Atherton 14
D P Atherton 12
Lena A Lord 16
Nellie Abbott 14
Mary S Warren 35

Need to get facts correct
by: Anonymous

Most of the information concerning the history of the orphanage at the beginning of this site is inaccurate. But, the site itself is really great and well worth the visit. Ask the staff inside the museum during the daytime for the real story.

Haunted place
by: Anonymous

We just visited this place yesterday and it is absolutley amazing! Too bad so many orphans suffered at this place because of Rosa.

interesting title
by: Mary @ Get Spooked

I hope to take the tour on April 27 and I would love for Alice to appear or touch me thank you for the story Mary Ritgert Gettysburg Pa

Alice was there!
by: Dean

Philinda Humiston was the original matron of the orphanage in Gettysburg. She founded it after newpapers printed a picture of her 3 children that were found in the hands of a dead soldier that turned out to be her husband, Amos.

My wife and I recently visited Gettysburg, and while on the tour with Bob that started at the Jenny Wade house, we had Alice (the daughter who liked playing on the wall) drain the batteries in our digital camera. We heard that that is always a possibility while "ghost hunting", so we put some extra batteries in after we left the wall.

I wanted to thank you for mentioning her name, because I forgot it. That experience was one of many that we personally experienced and as well caught on our digital camera.

While planning the vacation, I was just "going along for the ride", my wife being the one more into the ghost stuff. But after several experiences, I can tell you for sure, there are ghosts in Gettysburg. Well worth the trip for anyone, whether you believe or not!

Gettysburg Orphans
by: Patricia

That was an interesting story of how that awful Rosa got her hands on the orphans. Patty Wilson has written some ghostly tales about Gettysburg. She visits the area often and has several ghost hunts a year in the area.


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