Abandoned House near the Berwick Triangle

by Jake English
(Milton, Pa)

Went inside the house with my brothers mid day to explore the house, we all were equipped with powerful lanterns and survival flash lights, anyways i filmed our exploration of the house, not a room was missed, we went back a night that same day to do another rerun which i also captured on video. scary thing is we heard the stories that the son who murdered his entire family there hung himself, well deep in the basement the furthest you can go we found a half buried rope when we lifted it up we saw that it was a noose, the hole just big enough to fit your head through, this is no joke, i kept it as evidence, even though the film is enough proof in itself. if your interested please feel free to email me at Jake.English2010@yahoo.com

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by: Alyssa

that story made me pee a litle. ;)

The Strange Triangle
by: Patricia

I know there's been a lot of interest in the Berwich Triangle. I wish I a way to share video's on my website. Maybe someday.

Thanks for letting us know about your experience there.


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