A Voice from Beyond

by Raina

In one apartment in Greensburg I recorded a creepy voice.

It was bedtime for my kids. I decided to sleep in the living room with them in our sleeping bags. My son Sage who was almost three was playing with my cell phone pushing record and recording his voice. Then it was like he was having a conversation with someone. He said "no" then he said "my name is Sage" I asked him who he was talking to and he said "guy give me truck". I thought it was strange because he had been mentioning this "guy" alot, saying he was looking at him and always seemed to be talking to someone.

The next day we were listening to all the recordings my son made. One of them really scared me. It was my son saying something then a clear males voice said "do you want a nice shiny truck?" Say somethin for meeee, say my name is..." I couldn't make out the last word. Then right after it spoke I heard my sons voice saying "my name is Sage."

It really bothers me to know that someone was in the room with us talking to my son.

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Where is this apartment at in Greensburg?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I read your story and just trying to see if it's the same apartment we had our experience in. Ours was on south Pennsylvania Avenue in Greensburg

reply to Mick
by: raina

my son is 3 now. since we moved he hasnt mentioned "guy" anymore. when i ask him about it now he dosnt say much. he still talks to someone while he plays. says its his friend.

by: Mick

Did you by chance save that recording? Many times children talk to people or see people and we, as adults, chalk it up to their 'imaginary friend'. As young kids, our minds are more open to the paranormal, since it is still developing. Kids cannot distinguish the real from the unreal. You don't say how old your son is now, does he still remember the incident? What was his recollection of it when it happened?

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