A Ghostly Army Vetran.

by Cindy l Bowser
(Franklin, PA)

I lived in an older house, a duplex in a little western PA city, of Sharon, PA. I lived there, with, my then, 3 year old son . I had a neighbor, who lived upstairs, in the apartment above me. He was a army vetran, he did two tours in Vietnam, he was about 46 or a little bit older.

One day I came home from being at my moms, and found out my neighbor upstairs, his name was Bob. had hung himself in his atttic and had been there for about three days.

What was strange was, I would be laying in bed at night and hear him walking around in his kitchen, the microwave was running , I would hear him walking up the stairs, in the evening, water running in the bathroom, the TV playing. I would hear him in his nightly routine, like he was still with us. One night I was laying in the living room, on the couch, watching TV and I heard footsteps on my porch, I looked outside, and there was no one there. It was like he never passed on. This lasted for about a week. then it was like it just stopped. I would wonder at times if someone maybe was using the apartment and the landlord said there has been no one in it since Bob passed.

I do believe in ghosts and afterlife spirits. The home I live in now has a older female spirit named Sally, she showed herself to us last Christmas.

Thank you for listening to my story.

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Ghostly Tale of a Viet Nam Veteran
by: Patricia

Hello Cindy,

I really enjoyed reading your ghostly tale of the Viet Nam Veteran. It was so sad to read that he hung himself, I've heard so many veterans committ suicide and it's always heart breaking.

I do think I would have packed my bags and gone back to Mom's for an extended visit after the first night of hearing someone in the upstairs apartment.

Thank you so much for sharing your ghostly tale with us and let us know if you hear anything more from your Christmas visitor.


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