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DelGrosso Parks Harvestfest Bean Soup cooked over open fire DelGrosso Parks Harvestfest honey display DelGrosso Parks Harvestfest Farmers Market

The Annual DelGrosso Park's HarvestFest
Saturday September 23th & Sunday September 24th, 2023


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This is without a doubt one of my favorite PA Amusement Parks and the best Fall PA Festival among all the Pennsylvania Craft Festivals.

You'll find something different and exciting in every nook and cranny of DelGrosso Park's Harvestfest. Mark you calendar for this annual event.

When was the last time you tasted homemade apple butter? It's cooked right in front of your eyes, in an open kettle over an open outdoor fire. Can you remember the aroma of apple butter cooking? Perhaps your senses never experienced that treat. Well, you can, at DelGrosso Park's Harvestfest. Watch them seal the apple butter into old fashioned canning jars for you to purchase and enjoy all winter long.

My favorite treat is the delicious homemade ham and bean soup, also cooked for hours in a cast iron pot over an open fire. The taste will bring you back to the old fashioned days when making a huge pot of beans for large families was a normal dinner. The recipe dates back to the Civil War!

Have you ever watched a productive bee hive at work? Besides watching the bees producing all that honey you can also purchase all kinds of products made from the honey. OK, you're probably thinking I can buy jars of honey anywhere. Well, how about honey soap, or honey lotion to sooth and heal any skin condition? If you've never tried it, it's amazing the healing and soothing properties in honey. Kids love nibbling on honey sticks, they are inexpensive and much healthier than buying candy bars.

You'll find many of our local farmers there with their fresh harvest of produce. What would a Harvestfest be at a PA Festival without a farmers market?

It's no wonder DelGrosso Park is a favorite PA Amusement Park through the Allegheny Mountains.

DelGrosso Parks Harvestfest Petting Zoo DelGrosso Harvestfest chainsaw sculpture DelGrosso Parks Harvestfest pumpkin carving

Enjoy An Old Fashioned
Pennsylvania Craft Festival and Petting Zoo

As you stroll through DelGrosso Park you'll find many Handmade Crafts by local artists.

Watch the artists in action. You'll see Pumpkin Carvers that will amaze you with all the wonderful details he can carve into each pumpkin. Enjoy watching the Chainsaw Artist Sculpture the details of bears, owls, Indians, benches and chess sets. Enter a drawing to win one of his masterpieces.

Bring your camera along! You'll never know what cute pictures you'll get when you visit the Petting Zoo. The kids just love touching and feeding the Miniature Horse and Donkey. Watch out for the Billy Goats if you're carrying a straw purse! One chewed a hole in mine last year. You'll also find Llama's, Ducks, and Lambs. You never really know from year to year what kind of baby animals you'll find in the PA Festival Petting Zoo at Harvestfest.

DelGrosso Parks Harvestfest Civil War encampment yankees with children DelGrosso Parks Harvestfest Cival War encampment Rebels playing guitar DelGrosso Parks Harvestfest civil war encampment yankees smoking cigars

Interact With A Civil War Reenactment

Have you ever heard a real cannon fire? Believe me, they are loud! Every time they fire that cannon you'll hear it from all corners of DelGrosso Park's Harvestfest.

Dedicated Civil War enthusiasts gather each year to camp and hold a Civil War Reenactment at the Harvestfest in Tipton, PA. They have a great time interacting with the kids and adults alike. You'll feel like you just walked into the middle of the movie "Gone With The Wind". You'll see men, women, and children, all dressed in traditional fashion from that era of our history.

Watch the war in action. You'll see men shooting their muskets and dropping all over the battlefield. Watch the excitement in your children's faces as they watch real history come alive before their eyes.

See old muskets, tents, and maps from the Civil War era. Listen to some good old fashioned folk music. Talk to the northern Yankees, and the southern Rebels, they are so excited to share their wealth of information about the History of the Civil War and the important role Pennsylvania had in winning the war. Read the story of a Civil War Soldier and how he came acoss the lyrics to Taps.

When things are rained out, they will find a way to make it work by moving things under pavilions, like the civil war bean soup and the apple butter, such as during the 2023 HarvestFest on the weekend of September 23 and September 24.

It's a PA Festival so unique in every way, you'll want to visit year after year.

DelGrosso Parks Harvesfest antique car show baby T-Bird DelGrosso Parks Harvestfest antique car show DelGrosso Parks Harvestfest antique car show

Who Can Resist An Antique and Classic Auto Show?

Directly across the road from DelGrosso Park's Harvestfest main park grounds, you'll find a huge antique and classic car show.

You'll find Model A Fords, Trucks, and Baby T-birds. Just about any classic or antique you can think of will be on display. People come from all over the country to enter their pride and joy in the contest.

Like I said at the beginning there is something for everyone in every nook and cranny of DelGrosso Park's Harvestfest. It is truly one of the nicest Fall Folk Festival of all the PA Festivals.


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