5th Grade Camp

by 14 Year Old Writer
(Bedford, PA)

It's been while since then but I'd forgotten about it until recently, because it didn't happen to me. I was eleven at the time and my 5th grade school year was almost over but before we finish off the year we go to a wonderful camp for 3 days called Camp Living Waters. Which is a few miles away from Shawnee Lake and a recently discovered Indian burial ground.

Anyhow, we were taking the day to hike to Shawnee and we were taking a trail that passed over the burial ground and we had been hiking all day and it was by now dark and it was approximately nine o'clock and on the way our camp guide would stop and tell us stories of the Shawnee Indians and some of the local history. As we were sitting down listening to one of his stories, a girl screamed and he said what had she seen and she had said nothing it was just her eyes playing tricks on her. After that story we had to walk over the recently dug up graves of Indians that were being moved to a cemetery and once again we stopped for a story. And again the girl and many other children screamed. And the guide asked again what did they see? And every kid in unison replied INDIANS! I unfortuniatly was not able to be lucky enough to experience this, which sucks, but it does make for a good fireside story to tell when camping at Shawnee. Later on pictures were taken of the dug up graves and one showed what seems to be a figure standing to the right of a dirt mound.

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not true
by: Anonymous

told to all 5th graders at camp living waters-sorry!

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