514 cedar st.

by Willmarie Morales
(Reading, PA )

My name is Willmarie Morales and I am 23 years old. I was born in Puerto Rico. I used to move a lot from here to Puerto Rico. I decided to come back to Reading, Pa in 2007. I stayed with my mother in 825 Green St. It was a one bedroom apartment, so my mother decided to rent a house a little bigger. That's when we moved to 514 cedar St. but before that I used to have some weird dreams about the grave yard. Also my mother told me she had also another dream that was about a little girl on the back of her car looking at her, but we just thought it was only dreams. Anyway getting back to when we move to 514 cedar St.

That house was king of creepy cuz the light from the small hallway next to the bathroom used to go off and come on a lot, like if something was wrong with the light switch. Also the dogs used to run around like if someone was playing with them and at the basement there were old stuff from like a little girl that my mother finished throwing them away. My mother also found a picture of a little girl that was in a coffin. Then days later everyone left without me to Wall Mart and I stayed watching television. That day I never expected to see what I saw.

I was feeling hungry and I wanted water so I went to the kitchen and just when I open the door of the refrigerator, I grabbed the water bottler I closed the door from the refrigerator and I looked to the kitchen door. That's when I saw the little girl in a white and baby blue dress, she was stairing at me, but the weird thing is that I couldn't see her face cus it was blurry. I ran out the door and didn't go back in until my mother came back inside. Then we found out that the neighbor used to live in the same house and that her daughter died when she was 2.

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Creepy Cedar Street
by: Patricia

Hello Willmarie,

First I'd like to say welcome to the U.S. and it's nice that you decided to make your home in Pennsylvania. It's too bad you had to find out how haunted PA is, especially so soon after settling here.

I also want to mention to you that I removed your address from your submission to protect your privacy.

Yeah, I'd say you probably saw the spirit of your neighbors little girl in your kitchen and I'd also guess that your dog is having a great time playing with her. Most spirits are here to harm us they just need to connect with our world every once in awhile for their own reasons.

Thanks for telling us your ghostly tale,


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